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What types of braces are best for kids?

24 May 2024

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When it becomes clear your child will benefit fromorthodontic treatment, it’s important to explore all the different options.


This guide will concentrate on fixed braces because your orthodontist islikely to recommend them for your child.

We will finish off with a quick look at Invisalign removable braces – an optionnot favoured for young patients by many dentists.

All of the options work by gently moving your child’s teeth towards their finalstraighter position.


What are the best types of braces for kids?

Modern braces have evolved from the bulky, noticeable devices of decades goneby – they’re now generally more subtle and less noticeable.

At the same time, braces are more common in the UK than ever before and, unlikein the past, wearing braces does not make a child stand out.

Options for fixed braces include:

Metal braces for kids

Modern, metal braces are made with robust metal brackets.

Wire runs through the braces and works to move the teeth towards their optimalposition.

Your child will visit the orthodontist once every month or two to checkeverything is okay and to tighten things up.

Fixed, metal braces are highly effective and are the most common orthodontic treatmentfor children and young people.

Ceramic braces for kids

Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces but are made with clear ortooth-coloured brackets to offer a more aesthetic option.

Lingual braces for kids

The orthodontist attaches lingual braces to the back of the teeth which, in away, makes the braces invisible.

This means other people will not notice the patient is having treatment.


Invisalign clear, removable aligners are less noticeable than most fixed bracesand your child can take a little break from wearing them when brushing theirteeth and eating.

Patients change aligners every couple of weeks with each set moving the teethsteadily closer towards a final straight position.

Choosing braces for kids

Orthodontists will generally recommend fixed braces over Invisalign for a numberof reasons.

For example, fixed braces give more control over tooth movement.

Your orthodontist can help you to make the right decision about the mostsuitable braces for the specific needs of your child.

Contact us now to make an appointment or to find out more.


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