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Retainers for kids – A parents' guide (Part 5)

27 Oct 2023

5 min read

In the final part of our ultimate parents’ guide to children’s orthodontics we start by asking what happens when treatment is over?

Full Children's Orthodontics Guide

+ Part 1: An introduction
+ Part 2: Does my child need an orthodontist?
+ Part 3: Braces for children
+ Part 4: Kids’ braces FAQs
+ Part 5: Retainers for kids

And we conclude with a summary of our guide… followed by the next steps for you and your child.


What happens when orthodontic treatment is over?

Firstly, your child can experience that wonderful moment when the braces come off and they can see their beautiful new smile for the first time!

After treatment, it’s important to pop retainers in at night to stop teeth from moving.

This should ensure your child’s straightened teeth stay in position.

Options include plastic retainers, wire retainers at the back of the teeth - or a combination of the two.


Part 1: An introduction to children's orthodontics

In part 1, we talked about common concerns you may have about your child’s treatment.

We also discussed the importance of seeking expert advice and said that, in some cases, it’s best for children to make their first visit to the orthodontist by the age of seven.

Part 2: Does my child need to see an orthodontist?

In part 2, we discussed some causes of orthodontic problems including genetics and thumb sucking.

We also talked about some early warning signs for orthodontic problems including teeth grinding and difficulty with speech.

Part 3: Braces for children

In part 3, we explained how braces work and the improvements they can make.

We also outlined the types of braces that may suitable for your child including fixed braces with metal or clear ceramic brackets.

Part 4: Braces FAQs

Do braces hurt? Could my child be allergic to braces?Which foods will be off limits? How long will treatment take?

Find out everything with our braces FAQs.


At Wytes London, we can help your child to feel good about their smile with teeth straightening.

Please get in touch if you want to:

+ Help your child to find new confidence
+ Feel secure you’re doing everything you can to help them have a good-looking, healthy smile for life
+ Spot early problems…
+ … and make future problems less likely
+ Be treated by an experienced orthodontist

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