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Braces journey – Timeframes, brace removal & aftercare

08 Sep 2023

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Treatment times vary depending on the specific treatment and the orthodontic problem – but most people need to wear braces for between one and two years. Severe cases can take longer.

You can also do everything you can to make your treatment time as short as possible by following your orthodontist's advice and by looking after your braces properly.

How to get your braces off faster

Making sure you attend all your appointments and taking the greatest care to avoid breaking your braces will keep things moving along.

Another example of how you can play your part is, in the case of Invisalign teeth straightening, following our advice to wear your removable aligners for 20-22 hours a day for the quickest and best results.


Removing braces for a final time to reveal an attractive, new smile is a life-changing moment for many of our patients.

The culmination of your treatment is a special moment that can fill you with confidence for life.

Braces and teeth whitening

Some patients go on to have a teeth whitening treatment to complete their new look.

In the case of fixed braces, your orthodontist will remove all the brackets from your teeth and clean the adhesive from the enamel to reveal your new brace-free smile.

Braces aftercare

When any teeth straightening treatment is finished, it's important to wear retainers to stop straight teeth from moving and to make sure your teeth remain stable in their final positions.

Your orthodontist will advise you on whether you will need removable retainers, which you can pop in at night, or fixed retainers placed behind the teeth.

Braces retainers

The position of your teeth can naturally change as you get older so using a retainer is crucial if you want to maintain your straight teeth for the rest of your life.

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