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Best teeth whitening London

19 Jan 2024

3 min read

“Beautiful white teeth”, “would 100% recommend”, “super-friendly and helpful”, “very impressed with my white teeth”, “thrilled with the results”, “I can’t stop smiling”…

Beaming, confident patients who have had their teeth whitened at Wytes regularly give us reviews like these.


Teeth whitening can help you to look and feel like the most radiant version of yourself.

If you have teeth that are stained, discoloured or that look jaded, we can help you with supervised, at-home whitening or in-surgery whitening.

At Wytes, we can help you to:

+ Feel uplifted with a whiter smile
+ Feel this way within days
+ Enjoy a fast, safe treatment carried out by – or supervised by – an experienced, skilled dentist.

Here’s a selection of testimonials from our teeth whitening patients:

Teeth whitening London

“Receptionists are always lovely, which is always nice!”

“I would 100% recommend Dr Ludani.

“I carried out both my Invisalign, whitening, teeth cleaning and crown treatment with Dr Ludani which I am pleased with.”

“She walked me through the process and listened to my wants without pressuring me - I always look forward to coming in as Dr Ludani takes her time and ensures the work is done properly!”

Toyin Adesoji


Teeth whitening appointments

I spent a lot of time here as both an NHS and private patient… getting my teeth whitened and old veneer replaced.

Connie was just great. She explained everything really clearly and always made sure I felt comfortable.

“She went above and beyond to make sure that the finished result was right for me.”

“The reception staff were also super friendly and helpful… Before this year, my last visit was about 5 or 6 years ago and I was still welcomed back.”

Rhiannon Ashley



“Helen is absolutely fantastic.”

“She has been my dentist for years now at Wytes and I am thrilled with my Invisalign and beautiful straight, white teeth.”
“I wouldn't trust anyone else with my teeth. Helen is not only the best dentist, she is kind, caring and highly knowledgeable and professional.”

Cassie Taylor


Whitening London

“Just had a hygienist appointment with my husband and very impressed with how white my teeth turned.”

“Staff were very professional and appointment was quick.”

Marie Woolcott


Teeth whitening reviews in London

“Just finished Invisalign, whitening and composite bonding with Dr Kunal Desai.”

“I'm thrilled with the results. My teeth were crooked, stained and misshapen. Yet now I have a smile that I am proud to show. He was excellent every step of the way, and is highly skilled and talented in cosmetic dentistry.”

“My teeth have never looked better! Would highly recommend.”

Sian Holdridge


Teeth whitening near me

“Through a course of Invisalign and whitening I have a achieved a smile I never thought possible.”

“With a baby tooth that had never fallen out and an adult tooth that had grown behind it plus a few other issues besides it was such a journey and such a transformation that I can’t believe how far things have come.”

Sarah Brown


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