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Best children’s dentist London

15 Sep 2023

3 min read

“They are so good with the children”, “excellent dentist”, “excellent care”, “will come back again”, “made my daughter feel at ease”, “absolutely fantastic”, “fantastic with children”, “wonderful with children”, “extremely good at their job”…

Happy parents whose children are patients at Wytes dental practices in London regularly give us reviews and testimonials such as these.


It's important to introduce your children to a healthy relationship with dental care from an early age.

You can start to bring them along when they grow their first milk teeth.

At Wytes, we pride ourselves on the sensitive, caring and fun way we look after children who come to visit.

We can help to teach you and your child how to prevent tooth decay… and we can spot potential oral health issues at the earliest stage.

Here's a selection of children's dentistry reviews from the parents of young Wytes patients:

Children’s dentist reviews in London

“I have always found the service to be exceptional since I started attending about 15 years ago.”

“I now take my two daughters, 9 and 6 years, and they are so good with the children, giving positive feedback to encourage good dental hygiene.”

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Susie Schofield

‘Highly recommended children’s dentist’

“Amazing dentist!”

“All staff super kind and professional. Clean surgery. Always punctual.”

“The dentist gave an educational oral hygiene demonstration for children. It was lovely!”

“Excellent dentist. Thank you so much.”

Paula Mello

Children's dentist near me

“Excellent care provided by the dentist. He spoke to my son & daughter a few minutes about their diet & oral hygiene prior to starting the check-up.”

“During the check-up, he clearly explained each step & the health of the teeth & how to maintain good oral hygiene.”

“My daughter appeared to be a little worried about her check-up & he set her mind to rest by spraying the air tool on her hand prior to using it & explaining the procedure wouldn't be hurting.”

“Hopefully we get to see the same dentist again one day! Thank you.”

Darren Lim


“First time here for me and my two children. The dentist was quick but thorough, as was the hygienist.”

“They use more current technology for teeth cleaning which I appreciate.”

“No problem getting the appointments I wanted for our routine check ups. Will come back again.”

Catherine Kowalczyk

Best children's dentistry

“Have been registered at this practice for 14+ years and just when my children get used to their dentist they leave. Took my daughter for a yearly check and saw Priyanka for the first time who I believe has been there for a long time.”

“My daughter is always scared to visit the dentist but Priyanka made her feel at ease and is looking forward to coming back in 6 months so thank you Priyanka and please don't leave.”

Mahruse Hassan

Childrens dentist London

“Absolutely fantastic my son had an accident  at school and they fitted him really quickly and have treated him and seeing him again next week.”

“Dentist was so caring and good with him as he was in shock :( would highly recommend.”

Rachelle Thompsett

Paediatric dentist London

“Richard is an amazing dentist, fantastic with children and extremely patient with nervous clients.”

Jennifah Emiola

Children's dentist in London

“Excellent dental practice, my husband and I have been under their care for over 30 years.

“Before going to this practice I used to be a very nervous patient. Mr Rattan is an exceptional dentist and he's so very kind and caring.

“My grandchildren also go to this practice, they are wonderful with children.”

“The receptionist are lovely too. If I ever move away, however far, I'll keep to this practice.”

Pauline Gower

Children’s dentistry for kids

My dentist ‘Richard Kofi Ohene’ is absolutely brilliant and I can't talk highly enough of him.”

“Myself & my three children are all seen by him and he's always very pleasant and welcoming and extremely good at his job.”

Katie Carroll

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