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Choosing an orthodontist in London

04 Jun 2023

3 min read

You live in London and you know that straight teeth and a beautiful smile could change things for you but how do you find the right place to get the best possible treatment?


Trying to find a great orthodontist in London can seem like a mammoth task but there are some simple and important criteria to consider that will help narrow your search.

It goes without saying that you want your treatment to produce the best results.

For each person “the best results” usually means something slightly different.

How do I find a good orthodontist?

Perhaps you want to feel more self-assured when you meet new people.

Maybe you’re tired of seeing photos that show you with your lips pursed together.

Or maybe you want to talk with confidence in work meetings without feeling self-conscious about your crooked teeth.


Whatever your ideal outcome, it’s important to choose an exceptional specialist orthodontist in London to help you to enjoy the huge confidence boost of a winning smile.

Why a specialist orthodontist in London?

A specialist orthodontist is a fully-qualified dentist who commits to a further three years of dedicated training to help their patients achieve these things.

The best orthodontists in London don’t just look at your teeth, they consider the whole picture.

Examining the complete structure of your facial muscle and bones, identifying the ideal end result and considering the best way to get there are all vital to the process.


1. Choose experience

Choose an orthodontist who has focused on their chosen field for years.

2. Choose specialism

Knowing that the person responsible for your new smile is a specialist can be of great comfort to patients.

3. Choose reputation

Wytes is the number one independent dental group in London.

Best orthodontist near me

There is no longer any need to persevere with teeth that are affecting your self-confidence. You deserve better.

It’s never too late to find a way to deal with a smile that’s been bothering you for years and it’s often quicker and easier than ever before.

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