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What Is The Best Age For Children To Get Braces?

06 Oct 2021

6 min read

The world of teeth straightening and orthodontics has changed over the years.


The basics of braces for parents

With modern orthodontics:

  • Treatment times are usually a bit shorter
  • Braces are just one aspect of holistic orthodontic treatment
  • Sometimes braces are unnecessary to treat children – a little teeth removal can be all that’s needed to make things fall into place
  • Unwieldy noticeable metal braces are a thing of the past…
  • … and there are now a number of teeth straightening devices to choose from – both fixed and removable

How to tell if your child needs braces

There can be a number of telltale warning signs that your child may need orthodontic treatment.

They can include crowded or misplaced teeth, missing teeth or thumb sucking.


It’s important to take your child to the orthodontist nice and early (we recommend no later than the age of seven).

Expert orthodontists can tell you if your child needs treatment. And they can talk you through the best teeth straightening options.

Unlike years ago, a variety of teeth straightening options for children are now available.

Dental braces: When to start

Every child’s growth pattern is unique. Some young patients benefit from starting treatment at an early age. For others it’s best to wait until 12 or 13.

But we highly recommend that you make an appointment for your child while they’re still young.

At the age of five or six we can screen your child and prepare for treatment when they get a bit older.

At what age do kids get braces?

The answer is that it varies from child to child.

If you take your young child to a practice that is expert in orthodontics for children, you can feel secure you’re doing everything you can to help them enjoy healthy, attractive teeth for the rest of their life.

Please don’t leave it too late…


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