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What are lingual braces?

30 Jun 2020

6 min read

Many people feel unhappy about the way they look because of orthodontic problems such as crooked, gappy, crowded, twisted or misplaced teeth.



Such problems can also affect the shape and appearance of the face in other ways and, as well as solving most orthodontic problems, life-changing teeth straightening braces can also improve your facial definition.

Teeth straightening treatments produce a fuller and more balanced smile, which could help to strengthen support for facial muscles.

Lingual braces London

Many of our patients at Wytes say that, after treatment, they now look and feel younger.

Some adults, however, discount teeth straightening because they would feel self-conscious about wearing very noticeable, conventional metal braces.

Lingual braces behind teeth

Lingual braces, also known as “incognito braces”, remove this problem because they’re hidden from sight.

Unlike conventional braces, which often feature metal brackets placed on the front of the teeth, lingual braces are placed behind the teeth. (The definition of lingual is simply “relating to or near the tongue”.)

Because lingual braces are discretely hidden, people will not know you’re having teeth straightening treatment unless you choose to tell them.


Your lingual braces are tailor-made for you so they fit your teeth comfortably and give you precise results at the end of your treatment.

Brackets for lingual braces are individually made for each tooth (unlike the brackets mass produced for traditional braces).

Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, which makes the build up of plaque, tooth decay and gum disease less likely.

What you should know about lingual braces?

With cost-effective lingual braces from Wytes:

  • You can enjoy confidence-boosting, attractive straight teeth in months.
  • Because they’re placed behind the teeth, you can secretly wear lingual braces (unlike traditional metal braces).
  • You get exceptional results from specialist orthodontists.


Are lingual braces expensive?

Despite the many advantages of these braces, the cost of lingual braces compares favourably with those of other teeth straightening solutions.

Your lingual braces cost will depend on the severity of your orthodontic problems and how long your treatment will take (treatment times can vary from a few months up to two years).

The best way to find out the exact cost is to come and see us at Wytes for a no-hassle teeth straightening consultation.



Please don’t make the mistake of assuming teeth straightening is just for children.

We have transformed the lives of many adult patients with lingual braces at our Wytes practices.

They come to us complaining they feel self-conscious when they meet new people.

After treatment, they often say their new straight teeth have changed the way they feel about social occasions – and that they now approach them with confidence.


Lingual braces pain

But are lingual braces painful?

All orthodontic braces can cause some discomfort at the start of treatment but this will ease as you start to get used to wearing them.

The discomfort means your teeth are moving towards their final position and you’re on your way to beautiful straight teeth!


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