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About Wytes

The No.1 independent dental group in London.

Helping you to live radiantly.

We’re here to surprise, delight and inspire you. That’s our DNA.

Wytes is a one-of-a-kind independent dental group for general dentistry, accessible private cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic treatments. We provide outstanding personalised dental care in an environment where you’ll feel comfortable and uplifted.


We’re encouraging a new wave of self-care.

At Wytes, motivating you to feel good, look good and stay healthy is our number one priority.

We do this by sharing our expertise and knowledge – and by showing you the care you deserve. We pride ourselves on fully educating our patients. And the uplifting feeling you’ll experience with our treatments is nothing short of life changing.


Empathy and excellence.

Wytes believes in providing exceptional customer service.

All the members of our team are down-to-earth, easy to talk to and empathic. These qualities are just as important to us as technical excellence. We give our team members all the support we can to help them develop their skills and knowledge.

The Wytes experience

Our Environment

A surprising environment where our patients always feel comfortable and uplifted.

The Wytes experience

Our People

Our empathetic, down-to-earth team members are easy to talk to.

The Wytes experience

Our Reputation

The No.1 independent dental group in London. Known for encouraging a new wave of self-care.

The Wytes experience

Our Technology

Digital dentistry and advanced technology to help us surprise, delight and inspire.



Fed up of feeling anxious about visiting the dentist?

Wytes dentists and support staff are some of the best in dentistry at helping nervous patients to feel calm. Come and talk to us about the way you feel. We can help you to relax and then, if you feel ready, we’ll take a look at your teeth and gums.

At Wytes you can:

  • Come for an informal chat about your dental phobia

  • Learn about dental sedation and how it could help you to relax

  • Find out more about treating any dental problems

Patient Stories

General Dentistry

“I have such a fear of the dentist after a bad experience when I was young – coming here has really helped that fear.

“The staff are so welcoming and make you feel at ease – in particular Jasmine who talks me through everything so I know exactly what to expect. My daughter also loves her too!” Koral Hooper. Wytes West Wickham.

Patient Stories

Cosmetic Dentistry

This patient transformed the way he feels about his smile.

The patient was treated by our oral surgeon Marco Benigni. Dental implants patient.


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