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Making an appointment with a specialist orthodontist

14 Jun 2024

5 min read

If you’ve noticed possible orthodontic issues for you or your child, it’s important not to ignore them or put them off until another day.


Tell-tale signs you could benefit from an appointment with a specialist orthodontist can include misaligned or overcrowded teeth, teeth grinding or clenching and difficult chewing or biting.

Other signs can include worn tooth enamel, missing teeth, speech impediments, early or delayed loss of baby teeth and recurrent biting of the cheek or roof of the mouth.

Children’s orthodontist

Thumb or finger sucking could also be a good reason to visit the orthodontist.

Some of these signs relate to children.

Others can also relate to adults.


It’s important to understand that orthodontic treatment is not just for teeth that are still growing.

Striving for a straight, good looking smile can be transformative whatever your age.

A new smile gives patients of all ages a confidence boost and also improves their overall dental health.

If you feel uncomfortable about a crooked or gappy smile, it makes sense to schedule a consultation with a specialist orthodontist.

Treatment includes subtle, fixed metal braces or ceramic braces with clear brackets.

Lingual braces, meanwhile, attach to the back of the teeth for maximum discretion.

What is the difference between a specialist orthodontist and an orthodontist?

At Wytes dental practices in London, our orthodontists have specialist General Dental Council status.

We offer a surprising environment where our patients feel comfortable and valued.

Orthodontic treatment booking

Our specialists create a personalised treatment plan designed to help you or your child achieve optimal results.

Our orthodontic patients say our treatments are lifechanging.

If you’re ready to consider taking the first step towards a happier, healthier, more confident smile…

… please contact us now to make an appointment or to find out more.


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