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Is It Safe To Have Dental Implants Abroad?

30 Sep 2020

6 min read

By Dr. Marco Benigni
Specialist Oral Surgeon

Dental implants patients can, of course, go to other countries for treatment, such as Croatia, Turkey or Poland.

But the dentist will only have a very limited amount of time to do a treatment.


You can find a very good clinician, of course, in any of these countries – just like you can find a good or bad clinician here in the UK.

But, even if they find the right diagnosis, there is the danger they will choose a treatment plan that is convenient for them to perform quickly.

There is a danger they will not respect all the correct stages required.

Dental implants abroad Poland

So, for example, it may be unlikely that a dentist in Poland is going to carry out a treatment plan that is 12 or 18 months long – because it’s not convenient for them.

And, if they need to make a decision about whether they can save or tooth or not, they may simply take it out.

Which is the best country for dental implants?

So there could be a simplified treatment plan.

Surgically, the treatment may be very well done.

But it’s not in the patient’s best interest to have some treatments and that’s certainly the case if a dentist chooses to perform a treatment in two days, a week or a month – instead of six months or a year.


One of the huge advantages of having treatment where you live – and why, in my opinion, it’s always the best option – is that, if there’s a problem, you can quickly go and see your dentist. You don’t have to fly anywhere.

Why you should get dental implants in the UK

Dental implants treatments last for much longer than one appointment. 

There is a lifetime maintenance protocol and so having treatment in the UK is just easier.

Cheapest country for dental implants

On the face of it, it might seem more expensive to have the treatment in London.

But if you consider everything, such as all the ongoing appointments, it’s not.


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