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How will a dental implant benefit my oral health?

29 Apr 2021

6 min read

By Dr. Marco Benigni
Specialist Oral Surgeon


Where there are gaps caused by missing teeth, the teeth surrounding the gap can grow at an angle into the space.

But, of course, if you have dental implant treatment, these movements will not take place.

Among other things, the new crown acts as a space maintaining device.

Even if an implant is not in place, a space maintaining device such as a retainer can prevent these potentially damaging movements.

Dental implant procedure

The implant restores function. Depending on the area in which the implant is placed, it can also restore aesthetics.

If the implant is placed in the front areas, it restores aesthetics and function. If it’s placed at the back, it’s mainly just function.


The implant also maintains the bone in that area in the same way that a real tooth maintains the bone.

So the function will preserve the organ – the organ, in this case, being the bone around the tooth or the implant.

It’s still a physiological bone loss because the tooth is not there but it wouldn’t happen if the tooth was still there.

So it’s halfway between physiological and pathological. 

It’s not a bone loss due to an infection but it’s still not a good thing, even if it’s physiological.

Why are dental implants significant for patients?

If you take all the teeth out, the bone is going to resorb.

That doesn’t mean it’s a good thing just because it’s physiological.

So it’s a good thing to replace the tooth with an implant because you restore function and you maintain the bone.

And that bone can be maintained in the same way that roots on a natural tooth can maintain the bone around it.


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