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25 May 2023

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“They gave me a beautiful smile”, “I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a smile glow up”, “I am so happy with the result”, “she did such a great job”, “I feel like it's great value for money”, “my favourite dentist I have ever been to”, “I will never go anywhere else again”, “I could not be any happier with my results”, “I now have my dream smile”, “such a great experience”…

Composite bonding patients at White & Co. often submit reviews like these.


+ Our composite bonding can help you to glow with your new, perfect smile

+ We match composite resin to the colour of your teeth and carefully shape it to deal with aesthetic imperfection

+ Our dentists use their expertise in things like restoring teeth that have been damaged, closing gaps and making teeth a look a little longer

+ Treatment can usually be finished in one visit.

Dental bonding London

“Dr Cindy gave me a beautiful smile by bonding my two lateral incisors. She took great care of my teeth and created a whole treatment plan for me that included a dental exam, cleaning, and whitening. All of these were important foundations for the bonding and I am so happy with the result. Everyone I worked with at White & Co were wonderful (Bianca, my hygienist, Piotr and Rosie) and I’d recommend them for your dental needs.”

Aimee Vals

Composite bonding London cost

“I initially had a consultation with Dr Cindy a year ago to discuss composite bonding on my front tooth. I received very thorough and professional advice from Dr Cindy so I was happy to wait for an appointment to see her for treatment. She did such a great job, it completely matches my natural tooth before the damage. I feel like it's great value for money. The reception staff have also been very helpful with rearranging appointments etc. I travelled an hour and a half to get to this practice and would definitely recommend it to others.”

Alexandra Smith


“Dr Krystyna is my favourite dentist I have ever been to. She is so lovely and thorough and the sort of person who actually makes you want to go to the dentist. I went in for bonding and the advice she gave me and the job she did was streets ahead of any dentist who has ever worked on the problem before. I will never go anywhere else again. Plus she’s really funny!”

Sapphire Pink

Is it worth getting composite bonding?

“I recently completed 11 months of Invisalign and had composite bonding on four of my front teeth with Dr Nikki at White & Co in Battersea Rise and I could not be any happier with my results. I keep getting compliments about my teeth and I now have my dream smile! I was willing to travel an hour to each appointment because I wanted Dr Nikki to be my dentist as I heard great things about her. She really is an utter perfectionist & I’m so pleased I went with her.”

Emily D

Composite London dentist review

“Highly recommend! After having composite bonding on two of my front teeth, I couldn’t be happier. Dr Zilvinas Rubinas spent so much time and care throughout the procedure and couldn’t have been more accommodating. I would recommend here to any friends and family after such a great experience.”

Georgie Campbell

Composite bonding treatment London

“I have only the best experiences in White & Co. I’ve been going to see them for the last three years and finally decided to have my bonding done with Dr Izabella & I could not be happier with the result. White & Co are always so accommodating and helpful anytime I’m in along with the practice being extremely clean I’m always looking forward to going back.”

Patient testimonials on composite bonding

“I have just finished my Invisalign and bonding treatment with Dr Krystyna and I could not be any happier. It has been a pleasure being cared for by Dr.K and the team. The whole team at White & Co are super friendly and accommodating. I would definitely recommend Dr.K and White & Co to anyone looking for a smile glow up!”

Millie Marsh

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